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Credit Accumulation and Completion Rates Among First Year Students

The National Student Clearinghouse issued a report last week titled Credit Accumulation and Completion Rates Among First Year Students. The report was constructed by using data from the Clearinghouse’s Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP). The PDP captures much more information from its participating institutions than is normally submitted to the Department of Education and other public sources.

Credential As You Go

A recently published article about Microcredentials in University World News co-authored by Alejandro Caballero, Sean Gallagher, Hanne Shapiro, and Holly Zanville caught my attention for a number of reasons. In their article titled Microcredentials: A new category of education is rising, the authors note that “a globally accepted definition doesn’t exist yet” and “UNESCO, the European Higher Education Area of 49 countries, Australia, and Canada have made great strides in developing microcredential frameworks.”

“Study in Your Course of Life to Do the Greatest Amount of Good”

June 15th marked the second anniversary of my father’s death. A week or so after his funeral, I posted a tribute to him, entitled Wallace Boston Sr – the legacy of a life well lived.

In that article, I quoted one of my father’s favorite statements to his four children: “It doesn’t matter to me what you do when you grow up, as long as you do your job better than anyone else.”

Today’s Disengaged Learner is Tomorrow’s Adult Learner

In a recent blog post, I wrote about Aaron Basko’s Chronicle of Higher Education article in which he suggested that colleges might be overthinking how to improve student retention.

Thinking about Mr. Basko’s observations and recommendations reminded me of a Straighterline and UPCEA study released in November titled Today’s Disengaged Learner is Tomorrow’s Adult Learner.

What Works Best to Improve Retention

What Works Best to Improve Retention – Analyzing and Designing an Individualized Approach or Focusing on Helping Students Be Successful?

In the December 10, 2021 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, Aaron Basko authored an Insight article titled Have We Gotten Student Success Completely Backward? The article’s subtitle, “Instead of fretting over why students might leave, colleges need to focus on why they’ll stay,” provides an excellent lead-in for the points that follow.

Dual Credit Programs – Are They Good Enough and Growing Fast Enough?

I’ve been a fan of dual credit programs for a long time. In fact, I’ve written about dual enrollment programs at community colleges across the U.S. and in Texas.

Inside Higher Ed published an article this week about the dual credit system in Indiana. Indiana’s system confirms that for dual credit to work, there need to be policies supporting course transfer and certificate and degree articulation.

Student Persistence: A Decline for Spring 2021 Enrollments?

The National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) provides enrollment reporting from colleges and universities that educate approximately 97% of all college students. Several times a year, they issue reports utilizing the aggregated data submitted by its institutional members. Last week, the NSC issued a report about college student persistence that looks at the enrollment and re-enrollment data from the Fall 2019 first-time freshmen.