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Cali Morrison Credential FinderGuest Post by Dr. Cali Morrison
Associate Dean, Alternative Learning

Our core mission at American Public University System is to provide quality higher education to our military and public service community to prepare these learners for service and leadership in our society. One way we fulfill this mission is through our participation in the Credential Engine, a nonprofit with the complementary mission to enhance credential transparency and literacy to empower learners to make more informed decisions about credentials and their career value.

In 2016, APUS joined the Credential Transparency Initiative (CTI), a collaborative project to research and develop a centralized registry of credential information, a common credentialing language, and a supporting search engine. In January 2017, APUS became a founding member of the newly-formed Credential Engine to contribute more substantively to the development of this organization and its first offering, Credential Finder.

I encourage you, as a learner, employer, job-seeker, or other professional, to utilize the new resource to discover, verify, and compare various credentialing opportunities. It provides comparable information on all types of credentials – from badges to doctoral degrees – to help you determine what credentials you might need for your next career path – or what skills you should seek in your next hire.

In support of expanding Credential Finder, we recently utilized the new bulk upload feature to add our certificates and degrees to the repository. If you work in higher education, continuing education, or any organization that awards credentials, you’ll find that the tool makes participating in the Credential Engine quite easy – I urge you to join the movement! The more we can raise participation and Credential Finder use, the better informed our learners will be about their diverse learning opportunities.

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