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George Vukovich Veterans DayGuest Post by George Vukovich
AVP, Military-Affiliated Programs

The writer Michael de Montaigne once said, “Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.”

From the founding days of our incredible country through the present moments, millions of American men and women have proudly worn uniforms representing the branches of service that constitute the Armed Forces of the United States!

Though the uniforms may differ, they are one and the same! They are all designed to represent – Dignity – Courage – Honor – and belief in a system greater than self!

Though the faces change, they remain the same! Young men and women from different cultures, races, religions, and backgrounds band together and learn that ‘a community of one is much stronger than a group of individuals!’

At American Military University, we understand the concept of belief. We believe in our student body and our community of alumni wholeheartedly. We understand that the success of this institution is based on the success of our student body and our graduates. We understand that our students desire a relevant academic program to meet their desire to learn. We believe our students want to be challenged, and we believe they are proud of their accomplishments upon graduation.

We also believe in the value that our veterans and active-duty students bring to the classroom. This community of adult learners provides insight and experience to the classroom not seen in most traditional universities. Our learning environment is a community of one! Our leadership, faculty, and staff appreciate every student within the program and respect the breadth of knowledge these students apply to their programs along the way.

On this Veterans Day, we honor the service of our active-duty and veteran students, and hold high hopes for your continued safety! We look forward to seeing you achieve your academic dreams!

George Vukovich is a retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant and former president of the Virginia Advisory Council for Military Education [2010 & 2011]. He is actively involved in veteran educational opportunities in a variety of venues and serves as staff advisor for the APUS Student Veterans of America Chapter.

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