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Direct Admissions – Fad or Permanent Trend?

In an article written by Inside Higher Ed’s Scott Jaschik, last year’s successful kickoff of direct admissions for 10 colleges in the Chicago area by Concourse began a trend that will be piloted by the Common App and implemented by Sage Scholars this year. The state of Minnesota also is implementing a direct admission program for Minnesota high school seniors this year with more than 50 colleges participating.

Colleges Team Up to Survive

Last week, NY Times reporter Jon Marcus wrote an article about small colleges teaming up to survive by offering shared online courses. Mr. Marcus described how Adrian College, Westmont College,  Rochester University, Emmaus Bible College, and Eureka College among others have increased the number of degrees, minors, and certificates they offer through course sharing.

Mr. Marcus noted that hundreds of colleges have joined course sharing consortiums since the Council of Independent Colleges announced its course sharing platform in late 2018.

The 2U Pivot

I missed the 2U earnings release on July 28th and the press release on July 29th announcing their “new partnership model to increase access and affordability in higher education, embracing edX’s flexible approach to degree support.” I didn’t miss, however, the article in Inside Higher Ed describing its pivot.

The item that Inside Higher Ed co-founder Doug Lederman chose to focus on was 2U’s “reset of their core revenue sharing fee for degree programs” if its current partners lower the tuition that they charge students through the 2U online partnership.

“Study in Your Course of Life to Do the Greatest Amount of Good”

June 15th marked the second anniversary of my father’s death. A week or so after his funeral, I posted a tribute to him, entitled Wallace Boston Sr – the legacy of a life well lived.

In that article, I quoted one of my father’s favorite statements to his four children: “It doesn’t matter to me what you do when you grow up, as long as you do your job better than anyone else.”