Sustainable Development Goals

I consider myself a well-read person who manages to stay on top of most of the current news despite the distractions from multiple media sources as well as warring political factions. In a recent article about Artificial Intelligence (AI), I read a statement about AI’s influence on SDG 4, quality education.

I had no idea what SDG 4 was, where it came from, and its context in the AI discussion, so I typed it in my search engine and the top choice was the United Nations’ Department of Economic and Social Affairs Division for Sustainable Development Goals webpage.

Today’s Disengaged Learner is Tomorrow’s Adult Learner

In a recent blog post, I wrote about Aaron Basko’s Chronicle of Higher Education article in which he suggested that colleges might be overthinking how to improve student retention.

Thinking about Mr. Basko’s observations and recommendations reminded me of a Straighterline and UPCEA study released in November titled Today’s Disengaged Learner is Tomorrow’s Adult Learner.

What Works Best to Improve Retention

What Works Best to Improve Retention – Analyzing and Designing an Individualized Approach or Focusing on Helping Students Be Successful?

In the December 10, 2021 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, Aaron Basko authored an Insight article titled Have We Gotten Student Success Completely Backward? The article’s subtitle, “Instead of fretting over why students might leave, colleges need to focus on why they’ll stay,” provides an excellent lead-in for the points that follow.

Dual Credit Programs – Are They Good Enough and Growing Fast Enough?

I’ve been a fan of dual credit programs for a long time. In fact, I’ve written about dual enrollment programs at community colleges across the U.S. and in Texas.

Inside Higher Ed published an article this week about the dual credit system in Indiana. Indiana’s system confirms that for dual credit to work, there need to be policies supporting course transfer and certificate and degree articulation.