In Memoriam – Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch, Computer Science Professor at Carnegie Mellon and author of The Last Lecture, died of complications from pancreatic cancer at the age of 47.  I didn’t know Randy, but like many, I was inspired by his story.  If you would like to listen to his last lecture, it’s available on YouTube.  If you want to read his book, it’s available at or other bookstores.  My blog review is at

Randy expressed no regrets professionally for his terminal diagnosis at such an early age.  He said that he had accomplished everything that he set out to accomplish other than playing professional football in the NFL.  His only personal regret was that he would miss growing old with his wife and children and he did the book and lecture for them.  Randy, you were right; there are thousands of people like you.  We just need more of them to stand up, like you did.  My life is richer for hearing your story.  It’s my understanding that on Tuesday night (7/29) Diane Sawyer will do a story on ABC’s Primetime celebrating your life.  I’ll be sure to tune in.

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