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It’s become more difficult to track AI tools as they are revealed. AICyclopedia, a website that I have listed below, claims to have more than 3,000 AI tools linked on its site. I created a running list of tools back in April that I occasionally update.  The list is in alphabetical order even though there are classification systems that I’ve seen others use. I’ll change the date below every time that I update this list. Please feel free to respond to me with your comments about any of these as well as AI tools that you use that I do not have on the list. I’ll post your comments next to a tool when appropriate. Thanks.

(Updated July 30, 2023)

Ad Copy – uses AI to generate Facebook ads

Adobe Firefly – AI that designs images

AdsGency – Optimize your ad performance 10x using AI

AICardGenerator – uses AI to create greeting cards

AI Code Mentor – virtual instructor that helps you learn to code

AICyclopedia – more than 3,000 curated AI tools

AI Intern – personalized Slack assistant using ChatGPT4 technology

AIWriter – writes articles with sources from a single prompt

Arsturn – creates a custom Chatbot for your website using ChatGPT

AskYourDatabase – Use ChatGPT to query your database – speech recognition and audio summarization AI tool with API

AskCSV – AI tool that analyzes CSV and TSV files through prompt menu

AutoGPT – AI tool from OpenAI that creates keyword enhanced content for SEO

BaboSelo – AI powered recipe generator

Bard – AI that generates conversation responses to natural language prompts (by Google) – create customized royalty free music that elevates your video or podcast

Beehiiv – AI tool for newsletters

Bosco – AI marketing research tool

CaffeinatedCX – solve customer service tickets faster using AI

CaptionGenerator – AI powered tool to generate hashtags for TikTok and Instagram posts

Castmagic – convert podcasts to blogs using AI tool

ChatGPT4 – AI tool for generating content, answering questions, taking exams, etc.

ChatGPT for Gmail and Google – chrome extension that allows user to use ChatGPT

ChartGPT – Converts texts into charts for your data using AI tools

Cheat Layer – Chrome extension that allows you to automate your business using ChatGPT

CM3Leon – state of the art generative model from Meta for text and images

CodeAmigo – AI assisted coding assistant

Codeium – Developer platform for completing code

Cody – AI assistant for businesses

Cohesive – Create world class content using perfect prompts

Consensus – search engine that searches LLMs for sourced research content

Contember – from concept to web app in minutes thanks to AI

Content at Scale – creates long form posts for SEO from a keyword, video, article, etc.

Copilot2trip – personal travel assistant

copysAI – create content 12x faster than without AI – Using AI for greater student engagement and higher persistence

CraftMyJD – AI tool that creates a Job Description in minutes

CustomerGlu – AI generated gaming exercises for in-app engagement

Dall-E-2 – AI creates realistic images from descriptions in natural language

Databass – AI powered audio tool offering AI audio tools for sound synthesis and editing

dstack – Open source tool that simplifies LLM development across multiple clouds

Designer – Microsoft app that allows you to make designs using AI

DoNotPay – AI robot lawyer

Easy-Peasy.AI – AI content generator

EffyAI – performance management platform utilizing AI

EmoGPT – AI add-in for Chrome that provides replies for gmail users

Finalle – AI for real time data analysis of stocks

FinChat – Using AI, generates answers to questions about public companies and investors limited to 750 companies currently

Flair – AI design tool for branded content

Floating AI – ChatGPT for Android devices that floats over your apps (like email and texts)

Gamma – generates presentations from prompts

Gatherly – AI tool for virtual event planning

Gnod – AI discovery tool for music, art, and other areas

GPTforwork – Use ChatGPT in Google Sheets and Docs

GPTinf – a paraphrasing tool that avoids AI plagiarism detectors

Guidde – AI used to create video documentation

Gymbuddy – workout planner enhanced with AI

Heuristica – AI powered knowledge exploration, custom or pre-explored

Hippocratic AI – designed to provide better answers to individuals’ medical questions

History Timelines – product provide a quick timeline around any subject or event

Hoppycopy – creates newsletters using AI

Huberman AI – Ask science or health related questions

Hugging Chat – The first open-source alternative to ChatGPT

IconifyAI – creates icons for your apps through AI

Icon AI – creates icons for your apps using AI

Inworld – Developer platform for AI generated characters

Jasper – blog posts 10x faster

Job Hunt Mode – AI tools to assist in a job search

Kahma – uses AI to generate 8k portraits

Khanmigo – Khan Academy tutor that uses AI for many subjects

Kreado AI – generate multilingual videos of real or virtual characters

Krisp – uses AI to remove static and other interfering noises from online meetings

Latent Labs – uses AI to reimage images with AI creativity – uses AI to build courses based on your content inputs and prompts

LearnLingo – AI powered conversation tool that allows users to practice their language skills

Learnt AI – generate lessons, assessments, and courses using AI

LiarLiar – use AI technology to detect lies during video calls

Longshot – idea to blog AI assistant

NetusAI – AI tool used for paraphrasing text

Nexus – the first AI navigator for your network

Nolej – AI that designs courses

NotebookLM – note taking software using AI from Google – experimental

Oasis AI – autogenerate emails, scripts, essays when you speak

Octane AI – import product reviews and ask AI for analysis

OctoML – AI tools designed to lower cost of AI across organizations

Outreach Genius – Chrome extension to create personalized messages for prospects on LinkedIn

Patterned AI – create unique patterns for your products using AI

Permar AI – create optimized landing pages using AI

PixieBrix – summarizes selected text with AI (Chrome add-in)

Plumy – AI for your Shopify store

Pod – Chrome extension AI co-pilot for managing B-to-B sales pipeline

Profile Picture AI – uses AI to create the perfect profile picture for your social media accounts

Prompt – Marketplace to discover, collaborate and innovate AI prompts

Promptpedia – accesses library of “the best prompts” created for ChatGPT

Rask AI – translate videos into 60+ languages

Rath – AI automate data analysis

Recap – Open source browser extension that allows you to summarize any webpage using ChatGPT

Recipe Generator – uses AI to generate recipes with the ingredients that you have on hand

Remover AI – uses AI to edit any image

Robot of Business (R.O.B) – uses AI to generate a 4-page website for your business

Rytr – AI writing assistant creates quality content from prompts

Scheduler AI – Scheduling tool for you and your team, department, company that uses AI to find times for meetings

Scite – uses information from research articles for your research

Shortly – AI writing partner

Simple Phones – AI answering service for businesses

Sketch AI – turns sketches into art through AI

Skipvid – AI summarizes any Youtube video

Skybox AI – Using AI, create images with a 360 degree view

Snack Prompt – Chrome plug-in to write prompts for ChatGPT and Bard

SnapFusion.AI – create custom AI avatars, professional headshots, social media pics

Sourcely – AI finds sources for essays that you are writing

Sqriblr – AI tool that creates images to match content

Stable Diffusion – text to realistic photo image created by AI – Stable Doodle, a sketch to image AI tool

StoryD – AI that creates data presentations that leaders love

Storywizard – AI to create children’s stories

Sttabot – turns your prompts into AI apps with no coding required – Build websites using AI

Superflows – AI for replying to emails in your voice

SuperManage – AI tool designed to help managers prepare for 1:1’s

SuperMeme – turn text into memes using AI generator

SuperTools – organizes AI tools for productivity

SusGuru – URL security scanner locates malicious websites

TalkPal AI – a language tutor that utilizes writing or speaking in 60 languages

Taplio – AI used to improve LinkedIn content and engagement

Tekmatix – All in one AI course creation and business platform tool

Tethered AI – note taking and web search using the same AI tool

Text Layer AI – use AI for research and idea generation for tech ideas

Tome – AI storytelling partner

Travel AI – app that tracks your personal movements using AI

Tweet Hunter – uses AI to build your Twitter followers and networks

Typefully – use AI to build better Tweets and LinkedIn posts

ValidatorAI – AI business validator that validates your business idea

VN Split – AI summarized voice notes for Messenger and What’s App

Vocal Remover and Isolation – separate voice from music with AI

Voicify – convert cover songs from your favorite artist using AI

WAGPT – ChatGPT assistant on What’s App

WhattheAI – largest free AI tool website

Wix – AI website generator with multiple tools

XOAnalytics – AI powered analytics program designed for Shopify businesses

ZoomscapeAI – create Zoom backgrounds using AI

Zupyak – AI powered content platform

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