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It’s become so difficult to track AI tools as they are revealed. I’ve decided to create a running list of tools as I find out about them.  The list is in alphabetical order even though there are classification systems that I’ve seen others use. Although it’s not good in blogging land to update posts, I’ll change the date every time that I update this list. Please feel free to respond to me with your comments about any of these as well as AI tools that you use that I do not have on the list. I’ll post your comments next to a tool when appropriate. Thanks.

(Updated May 21, 2023)

Ad Copy – uses AI to generate Facebook ads

Adobe Firefly – AI that designs images

AdsGency – Optimize your ad performance 10x using AI

AICardGenerator – uses AI to create greeting cards

AI Code Mentor – virtual instructor that helps you learn to code

AI Intern – personalized Slack assistant using ChatGPT4 technology

AIWriter – writes articles with sources from a single prompt

Arsturn – creates a custom Chatbot for your website using ChatGPT

AskCSV – AI tool that analyzes CSV and TSV files through prompt menu

AutoGPT – AI tool from OpenAI that creates keyword enhanced content for SEO

BaboSelo – AI powered recipe generator

Bard – AI that generates conversation responses to natural language prompts (by Google)

Beatoven.ai – create customized royalty free music that elevates your video or podcast

Beehiiv – AI tool for newsletters

Bosco – AI marketing research tool

CaffeinatedCX – solve customer service tickets faster using AI

CaptionGenerator – AI powered tool to generate hashtags for TikTok and Instagram posts

Castmagic – convert podcasts to blogs using AI tool

ChatGPT4 – AI tool for generating content, answering questions, taking exams, etc.

ChatGPT for Gmail and Google – chrome extension that allows user to use ChatGPT

ChartGPT – Converts texts into charts for your data using AI tools

Cheat Layer – Chrome extension that allows you to automate your business using ChatGPT

CodeAmigo – AI assisted coding assistant

Codeium – Developer platform for completing code

Cody – AI assistant for businesses

Cohesive – Create world class content using perfect prompts

Consensus – search engine that searches LLMs for sourced research content

copysAI – create content 12x faster than without AI

Courus.ai – Using AI for greater student engagement and higher persistence

CraftMyJD – AI tool that creates a Job Description in minutes

Dall-E-2 – AI creates realistic images from descriptions in natural language

Databass – AI powered audio tool offering AI audio tools for sound synthesis and editing

Designer – Microsoft app that allows you to make designs using AI

DoNotPay – AI robot lawyer

Easy-Peasy.AI – AI content generator

EffyAI – performance management platform utilizing AI

EmoGPT – AI add-in for Chrome that provides replies for gmail users

Finalle – AI for real time data analysis of stocks

FinChat – Using AI, generates answers to questions about public companies and investors limited to 750 companies currently

Flair – AI design tool for branded content

Floating AI – ChatGPT for Android devices that floats over your apps (like email and texts)

Gamma – generates presentations from prompts

Gatherly – AI tool for virtual event planning

Gnod – AI discovery tool for music, art, and other areas

GPTforwork – Use ChatGPT in Google Sheets and Docs

GPTinf – a paraphrasing tool that avoids AI plagiarism detectors

Guidde – AI used to create video documentation

Gymbuddy – workout planner enhanced with AI

Heuristica – AI powered knowledge exploration, custom or pre-explored

Hippocratic AI – designed to provide better answers to individuals’ medical questions

Huberman AI – Ask science or health related questions

Hugging Chat – The first open-source alternative to ChatGPT

IconifyAI – creates icons for your apps through AI

Inworld – Developer platform for AI generated characters

Jasper – blog posts 10x faster

Job Hunt Mode – AI tools to assist in a job search

Kahma – uses AI to generate 8k portraits

Kreado AI – generate multilingual videos of real or virtual characters

Krisp – uses AI to remove static and other interfering noises from online meetings

Latent Labs – uses AI to reimage images with AI creativity

Learn.xyz – uses AI to build courses based on your content inputs and prompts

LearnLingo – AI powered conversation tool that allows users to practice their language skills

Learnt AI – generate lessons, assessments, and courses using AI

Longshot – idea to blog AI assistant

NetusAI – AI tool used for paraphrasing text

Nexus – the first AI navigator for your network

Nolej – AI that designs courses

Oasis AI – autogenerate emails, scripts, essays when you speak

Octane AI – import product reviews and ask AI for analysis

OctoML – AI tools designed to lower cost of AI across organizations

Outreach Genius – Chrome extension to create personalized messages for prospects on LinkedIn

Patterned AI – create unique patterns for your products using AI

Permar AI – create optimized landing pages using AI

PixieBrix – summarizes selected text with AI (Chrome add-in)

Plumy – AI for your Shopify store

Pod – Chrome extension AI co-pilot for managing B-to-B sales pipeline

Profile Picture AI – uses AI to create the perfect profile picture for your social media accounts

Promptpedia – accesses library of “the best prompts” created for ChatGPT

Rask AI – translate videos into 60+ languages

Rath – AI automate data analysis

Recap – Open source browser extension that allows you to summarize any webpage using ChatGPT

Recipe Generator – uses AI to generate recipes with the ingredients that you have on hand

Remover AI – uses AI to edit any image

Robot of Business (R.O.B) – uses AI to generate a 4-page website for your business

Rytr – AI writing assistant creates quality content from prompts

Scheduler AI – Scheduling tool for you and your team, department, company that uses AI to find times for meetings

Scite – uses information from research articles for your research

Shortly – AI writing partner

Simple Phones – AI answering service for businesses

Sketch AI – turns sketches into art through AI

Skipvid – AI summarizes any Youtube video

Skybox AI – Using AI, create images with a 360 degree view

Snack Prompt – Chrome plug-in to write prompts for ChatGPT and Bard

SnapFusion.AI – create custom AI avatars, professional headshots, social media pics

Sourcely – AI finds sources for essays that you are writing

Sqriblr – AI tool that creates images to match content

Stable Diffusion – text to realistic photo image created by AI

StoryD – AI that creates data presentations that leaders love

Storywizard – AI to create children’s stories

Sttabot – turns your prompts into AI apps with no coding required

Stunning.so – Build websites using AI

Superflows – AI for replying to emails in your voice

SuperMeme – turn text into memes using AI generator

SusGuru – URL security scanner locates malicious websites

Taplio – AI used to improve LinkedIn content and engagement

Tekmatix – All in one AI course creation and business platform tool

Tethered AI – note taking and web search using the same AI tool

Text Layer AI – use AI for research and idea generation for tech ideas

Tome – AI storytelling partner

Travel AI – app that tracks your personal movements using AI

Tweet Hunter – uses AI to build your Twitter followers and networks

Typefully – use AI to build better Tweets and LinkedIn posts

ValidatorAI – AI business validator that validates your business idea

VN Split – AI summarized voice notes for Messenger and What’s App

Vocal Remover and Isolation – separate voice from music with AI

Voicify – convert cover songs from your favorite artist using AI

WAGPT – ChatGPT assistant on What’s App

WhattheAI – largest free AI tool website

ZoomscapeAI – create Zoom backgrounds using AI

Zupyak – AI powered content platform

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