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Emerge Summit 22

An introduction to Jan Lynn-Matern, founder and partner of Emerge Education at the ASU/GSV Summit in April led to an invitation to attend the Emerge Summit 22 in London last week.

The Summit was held at the London Interdisciplinary School (LIS) in Whitechapel, London. LIS is one of Emerge Education’s investments. It’s worth a visit to their website to find out more about this new type of school where the education takes the learner through a multi-disciplinary approach of learning concepts and methods to solve problems, including ones that each student proposes.

Higher Ed Finance and the Need to Understand It Thoroughly

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the finances of colleges and universities globally. With many colleges and universities in the U.S. reversing course and going online, some families are asking for tuition discounts. It’s too soon for final reports on enrollments, even as some universities report unprecedented numbers of incoming freshmen who requested an enrollment deferral (also called a gap year). There have been more than a few articles written about the financial impact of COVID-19, and a few more have attempted to rate or rank the financial risk of institutions based on publicly available data. Recently, I read an article written by a professor who argued that institutions should increase financial aid in a situation like this rather than discount tuition.