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A week ago, research firm ITHAKA S+R published the results of its fall 2015 survey.  More than 100 American higher education administrators and experts were invited to join a panel of advisors who have been asked to participate in two semi-annual surveys as part of their advisory roles.  The Fall 2015 survey examined initiatives and strategies to improve degree completion rates, the quality of student learning and college affordability, and respondents evaluated and rated the initiatives and strategies.

APUS Participates in the United States Army’s First Higher Education Symposium

Photo provided by: www.army.mil

By: Dr. Christopher M Reynolds, CEM, MEMS, CFO and Lt. Col., USAF (Ret), Dean, Academic Outreach and Program Development at American Public University System

Military educational institutions, from the Army and Air Force War Colleges, and civilian institutions, from American Public University System (APUS) and Kansas State to the University of Alabama, recently spent two days together at the Army University’s first higher education symposium at Ft.

Unprecedented Era in Higher Education Financial Stability

I recently read an article related to the “unprecedented” budget cuts facing the LSU System.  System President John Lombardi warned the Chancellors of the various campuses that the system is looking at a 23.28 percent cut across the board unless the projected state budget for 2011-2012 changes.  A primary reason for the heightened focus is the expiration of the Stimulus Act funding for higher education that provided nearly $300 million to the state colleges and universities in Louisiana alone.