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Here We Go Again: The Urgent Need to Get COVID-19 Shots

As the increase in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from the Delta variant of COVID-19 have ramped up over the past six weeks, it’s clear this pandemic will continue until we are able to reach herd immunity through vaccinations. The stories of sickness and death are horrendous. What’s even worse is that most of the people who are getting sick are unvaccinated. There’s no excuse for ignoring the science, none whatsoever.

Priced Out: What a College Education Is Costing America

In a recently published research paper, “Priced Out: What College Costs America,” National Association of Scholars Research Fellow Neetu Arnold examines three issues in U.S. higher education: inflated tuition, continuously expanding administrative positions, and increasing levels of student debt. She also shows how they join and reinforce each other to the detriment of America.