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The Erosion of Community and Empathy – The Same Accelerant?

I have mentioned in the past that I follow the writings of NYU Professor Scott Galloway in his blog, No Mercy/No Malice. I also reviewed his most recent book, "Post Corona." Last week, Professor Galloway posted an article titled “The Great Dispersion.” Some of the article repeated material from "Post Corona," particularly the point that the most enduring feature of the pandemic will be as an accelerant of existing trends. The trend that Professor Galloway cites as encapsulating the greatest reallocation of stakeholder value is “The Great Dispersion.”

The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros Are Fixing Our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy

It may have been the subtitle that drew my attention to Bruce Katz’ and Jennifer Bradley’s book or it may have been a reference to the text in an article that I read. Regardless, the book opened my eyes to the increasingly important role of metros and cities in our national economic recovery. According to the authors, the nation’s top 100 metropolitan areas occupy 12 percent of the U.S.