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More about ChatGPT

Last week, I had one of those rare father-daughter moments when I took my 22-year-old daughters out to dinner. Our dinner discussions ranged from work to sports to concerts and maybe a few other topics. Somehow, the topic of ChatGPT surfaced.

Both of my daughters graduated from college in 2022, before ChatGPT was widely known. One of them mentioned that her friend(s) said that a tool was developed to detect ChatGPT for plagiarism in class assignments.

Best Practices for Building Online College Courses

There are many books and research papers available with concepts and details for building online college courses. Rather than extracting a summary of best practices from any of those books, I queried ChatGPT. The essay below stems from its responses.

Designing Online College Courses

  1. Start with clear learning objectives: Clearly define what students should be able to do or know after completing the course.