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The 3-Year Bachelor’s Degree – Are We Ready for Change?

Josh Moody’s recent article in Inside Higher Ed about a dozen colleges working on a three-year bachelor’s degree may have surprised most people in higher education except for the teams from the 12 institutions selected by University of Pennsylvania Professor Emeritus Bob Zemsky and University of Minnesota Rochester Chancellor Lori Carrell.

I attended the meeting as an outside advisory panel member invited by Professor Zemsky and Chancellor Carrell.

It’s Time For All Of Us To End Fake News (Or Fake Truth)

As part of the 2016 presidential election and the post-election analysis, the topic of “fake news” was discussed almost as much as the email hacking of the Democratic National Committee.  With both sides pointing fingers, conservatives at progressives and vice-versa, it’s clear that both sides were successful in distributing “news” that their followers could post on Facebook or Twitter and opt for broader distribution of the “truth” vis-à-vis their political perspective.