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UNC System Announcement – Build It and They Will Come?

Thursday’s announcement in Inside Higher Ed that the University of North Carolina System will spend $97 million to create an internal unit to build and manage online programs from the system’s 17 campuses for the million adult residents of North Carolina who started but did not complete college was met with mixed reactions.

Funding for the initiative is coming from pandemic recovery funds allocated to launch a nonprofit ed tech start-up.

The Future of Business Education and the Value of MOOCs

One of the chapters in Jason Wingard and Christine Farrugia’s book, "The Great Skills Gap: Optimizing Talent for the Future of Work," is “The Future of Business Education.” Written by Anne Trumbore, Executive Director, Digital and Open Enrollment, Executive Education – Lifelong Learning at The Darden School at the University of Virginia and formerly at The Wharton School, the article focuses on results from a study investigating in-course behaviors as related to post-course career advancement.

Priced Out: What a College Education Is Costing America

In a recently published research paper, “Priced Out: What College Costs America,” National Association of Scholars Research Fellow Neetu Arnold examines three issues in U.S. higher education: inflated tuition, continuously expanding administrative positions, and increasing levels of student debt. She also shows how they join and reinforce each other to the detriment of America.