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Groundhog Day: The Inspiration to Make Life Different

In my youth, Groundhog Day seemed like one of those odd curiosities – a holiday with no general reason for being other than to perk us up in hopes that spring weather and outside sports activities would soon be here. As an adult, it became one of those holidays that no one celebrates and no employer includes in paid time off benefits for their employees. Perhaps it was the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day,” starring Bill Murray and Andi MacDowell, that changed my attitude.

Facilitating Cheating in College – Lots of Blame to Share

In a recent Forbes article titled “This $12 Billion Company Is Getting Rich Off Students Cheating Their Way Through Covid,” Susan Adams introduces her readers to Chegg, the most valuable edtech company in America. Chegg’s capabilities to assist students with cheating are so well known that Ms. Adams reports that students refer to the act of accessing Chegg’s website as “chegging.”

The Destructive Nature and Manipulation of Confirmation Bias

I believe it’s fair to say that many of us were hopeful about the possibilities for this New Year. Unfortunately, the events of last week remind us that we cannot leave 2020 behind and get on with positive progress, personally or professionally, without acknowledging the very challenging work we have ahead of us to do our part to resolve the underlying factors fueling this acrimonious social landscape. Unifying our country is dependent upon dealing honestly and holistically with a number of social issues. This post touches on one of the underlying barriers to our success: confirmation bias.