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Higher Ed: A Day of Reckoning or Is It Business as Usual?

Perhaps it was Rebecca Natow’s article in The Chronicle of Higher Education Review titled “Why Haven’t More Colleges Closed?”. Maybe it was Allison Salisbury’s article in Forbes titled “Building Equitable Upskilling Programs: It’s Not Degree Vs. Short Credentials – It’s Both.” Also, it could be the hundreds — if not thousands — of articles and books about the pending changes in higher ed that have been written and published over the past two decades. Clearly, the most recent two articles cited triggered my motivation to pen this article.

Groundhog Day: The Inspiration to Make Life Different

In my youth, Groundhog Day seemed like one of those odd curiosities – a holiday with no general reason for being other than to perk us up in hopes that spring weather and outside sports activities would soon be here. As an adult, it became one of those holidays that no one celebrates and no employer includes in paid time off benefits for their employees. Perhaps it was the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day,” starring Bill Murray and Andi MacDowell, that changed my attitude.