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The Multiple Factors Behind Today’s Worldwide Shortages

There has been no scarcity of news articles and news reports about the shortages of supplies worldwide. Included among the most frequent are pictures and video clips of container ships waiting to be unloaded in ports around the world, announcements about companies unable to hire warehouse workers or truck drivers, smart chip shortages impacting deliveries of new cars and trucks, and raw materials unable to be delivered around the world.

Here We Go Again: The Urgent Need to Get COVID-19 Shots

As the increase in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from the Delta variant of COVID-19 have ramped up over the past six weeks, it’s clear this pandemic will continue until we are able to reach herd immunity through vaccinations. The stories of sickness and death are horrendous. What’s even worse is that most of the people who are getting sick are unvaccinated. There’s no excuse for ignoring the science, none whatsoever.

Financial Planning for College Expenses and COVID-19

On the cover of the July 2021 Journal of Accountancy (a publication of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants or AICPA) is an illustration of a few multi-colored college graduation caps along with the headline and subtitle: “Education expenses – Expert discusses student loans, savings tips, and making plans in a changing environment.” The cover article, a question-and-answer interview of college planning expert Ross Riskin by senior editor Dave Strausfeld, seems timely given that many college tuition bills are sent out around July 1 each year.