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Cutting Academic Programs at the University of Kansas

Inside Higher Ed’s Josh Moody reported last week that the University of Kansas (KU) leadership team was seeking to cut 42 academic programs while the KU University Senate only agreed with 28 of the 42 recommendations. Mr. Moody noted that the 28 programs agreed to by the University Senate were mainly inactive.

It should be noted that the University Senate, which includes faculty, staff, and students, differs from the Faculty Senate.

A Private School Finance Primer – Expenditures and Staffing (Part 3)

As I discussed in my previous article about student enrollment, McDonogh’s Lower and Middle Schools had a fixed structure for staffing, based on the number of primary sections assigned to each grade. There were specialty teachers in Art, Music, and Shop for each of the schools, and the Lower School had teaching assistants for each of the kindergarten sections.