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Check Your Passport Expiration Date

I used to travel outside of the U.S. at least once a year. Then COVID hit and it seemed like traveling overseas was more difficult and riskier than traveling in the U.S. Six weeks ago, I attended the ASU/GSV Summit in San Diego, my second in person conference since the pandemic. The conference is a great place for networking and I met someone who encouraged me or one of my partners at Green Street Impact Partners to attend the Emerge Education conference in London in May.

A Notable Milestone

Colleges and universities announce graduation dates well in advance of the planned ceremonies. The pageantry of formal graduation ceremonies with the faculty and administration garbed in their academic regalia is well known. As president of APUS, I presided over 15 in-person ceremonies and a virtual ceremony before retiring in August 2020.

At the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year, I dutifully recorded the dates for Baylor University’s and Texas A&M University’s May and August graduation ceremonies since my twin daughters were rising seniors at those institutions.

More Research About Why Fewer Community College Students Are Enrolling

In March, I wrote two articles about a research paper written by Kelli Bird, Benjamin Castleman, Brett Fisher, and Benjamin Skinner titled Unfinished Business: Academic Market and Labor Market Profiles of Adults with Substantial College Credits But No Degree. Their report looked at students who attended the 23 Virginia Community College System colleges during the 2009-2010 through 2013-2014 academic years who earned some college credits and dropped out for at least a three-year period after completing their last course.

AI-Powered Technologies and Practices in Higher Ed

In a recently published blog about the 2022 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report, I noted that the report’s experts had identified six technologies and practices that will have a significant impact on teaching and learning. Two of those technologies, AI for Learning Analytics and AI for Learning Tools, incorporate the utilization of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Over the years, I have written about Artificial Intelligence many times.

How Would You Spend $1 Billion to Study Climate Change?

Wednesday’s New York Times featured an article about venture capitalist John Doerr’s $1.1 billion gift to Stanford University for establishing a department and several institutes to study climate change and sustainability. The gift is the second largest ever to an American institution of higher education.

Reporter David Gelles writes that the gift will establish Stanford as the leading center, public or private, for weaning the world off fossil fuels and establishes the Doerr’s as leading funders of climate change research and scholarship.

Will Joe Biden Cancel Student Debt? – the Political Ramifications and More

Monday’s Boston Globe featured an article by reporter James Pindell that analyzed why President Biden hasn’t kept his campaign promise of cancelling $10,000 of college student debt for every borrower.

Mr. Pindell notes that Mr. Biden is under pressure from the progressive left to cancel more debt. Specifically, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Chuck Schumer introduced a resolution to cancel up to $50,000 of debt per student through an Executive Order.

50 Years and Counting

Before traveling to Baltimore for my 50th high school reunion, I wrote about the years that my classmates and I spent at McDonogh School, the changes in the school since our graduation, and a few of the reunions that we celebrated over the past 45 years.

The schedule of activities for the weekend was extensive and the school provided us with a customized schedule for our class in advance.

My McDonogh Reunion

Later this week, I will be in Maryland, attending my 50th high school reunion. My alma mater, McDonogh School organizes and hosts reunions every five years for each graduating class and has been doing so as long as I can remember.

I have attended all my class’ reunions other than our fifth when I was attending graduate school at Tulane.